Medical Negligence & Misdiagnosis
in West Virginia

You will receive quality personal attention for your medical negligence or misdiagnosis case from the attorneys at Tabor Lindsay & Associates. We limit our practice to a select group of serious and substantial cases. Our lawyers, who are doctors, devote extensive time exploring the details of each case to determine its merits. Since we only pursue a select few cases, we can spend more resources than other firms to obtain success.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider fails to comply with the standard of care for their profession, and that failure results in a patient’s injury or death. Initiating a lawsuit may be appropriate if your provider/doctor/institution deviated from the acceptable standards and practices, and this deviation was the cause of your injuries. When faced with a medical mistake, our lawyers, who are also doctors, understand your bodily injuries, as well as your legal rights.

Negligent Acts Held Accountable

Tabor Lindsay & Associates hold negligent doctors and hospitals responsible when they injure their patients. We realize that it is a difficult decision to bring a lawsuit against a provider. We take these decisions seriously and approach all cases as if the injured party was a member of our family.

Failure to Diagnosis Cancer


Delay or Failure to Diagnosis


Failure to Order Appropriate Tests or to Evaluate the Results


Prescribing the Wrong Medication or Dosage


Radiological Errors


Unnecessary Surgery


Surgical Errors and Complication


Anesthesia Mistakes


Hospital Negligence


Double the Expertise

Although many law firms in West Virginia pursue medical negligence and misdiagnosis cases, the only firm where the Lawyers are Doctors is Tabor Lindsay & Associates. Our firm provides a level of expertise unmatched by any other law firms in the state. Why would you take your case to anyone else?
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