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The Doctor is Always In at Tabor Lindsay & Associates

When you chose Tabor Lindsay Associates you'll have a family of medical and legal professionals focused on your case. When you come to our firm, you do not need to worry about how to pronounce medical terms or to describe complex procedures because your Lawyer is a Doctor.
Dr. Richard Lindsay — Health Care Law Attorneys in Charleston, WV

Dr. Richard Lindsay

Dr. Richard, raised and educated right here in West Virginia, obtained both his medical and legal education from WVU. He spent over 25 years as a practicing emergency room physician before retiring from medicine to focus his efforts solely on protecting injured victims and their families. With 38 years of courtroom experience and numerous plaintiff’s victories, Dr. Lindsay does not shy away from difficult cases. He has the medical expertise to identify the area of negligence and the ability to explain the issue to you, your family, and the jury. Dr. Lindsay, respected by the bench and the bar, is a fierce advocate on behalf of clients.
Dr. Pamela Tabor Lindsay — Health Care Law Attorneys in Charleston, WV

Dr. Pamela Tabor Lindsay

Dr. Pam is the founder and owner of Tabor Lindsay & Associates. She is a “West Side” girl, born and raised in Charleston. Dr. Lindsay began her career as a Registered Professional Nurse in 1974 and had worked in all areas of the hospital, serving as a nurse manager, supervisor, and assistant director of nursing. Since opening the practice, she has returned to her educational roots to complete her MD degree and a master’s degree in public health. Along with her medical knowledge, she brings her compassion and empathy for the struggles of injured patients and their families trying to make it through the legal system.
Richard Lindsay II — Malpractice & Negligence Attorneys in Charleston, WV

Richard Lindsay II

Rich was born and raised on the West Side of Charleston but converted to an “East Ender,” this father of two is a workhorse. An avid WVU and Steelers fan, this aspiring politician has championed for the rights of the underdog his whole life. Rich speaks for those who have no voice and makes sure they are clearly heard. His Grandmother always told him to “give ‘em hell, ” and that is what he does. Rich is a “straight talker” who “tells it like it is” and backs up what he says. He performs all aspects of litigation of medical malpractice and personal injury cases from inception through trial. He has a creative legal mind, and his trial advocacy and litigation skills have resulted in numerous verdicts on behalf of our clients.
Ray W. Toney — Malpractice & Negligence Attorneys in Charleston, WV

Ray W. Toney

Born and raised in West Virginia, Wes has roots that run deep in the Mountain State. He has served our country in the military, being deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, providing legal services for the United States Army. He then served as a policy analyst in the West Virginia Senate where he fought for and championed the rights of average West Virginians. He has also worked as an attorney for a West Virginia teacher and service personnel union, representing employees and advocating for their rights and workplace safety. Wes is passionate about representing those who have been wronged and fighting for justice on their behalf. He has complex analytical skills, a strong grasp of the law, and loves helping people.